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The Christmas 2003 Williraye Studio Collection

Gallery Edition
ww2382 Christmas, Polar Bear, Snowman, Candy cane, bell, skis, holly, stars, mush, santa, checks
larger view
WW2382 Bear-Run Gallery Edition 17-¼"x 8" Gallery Edition Limited Ed. 5000
$80.00 SOLD OUT
ww2370 Ltd Ed, limited edition, baby snowman, snowbaby, Snowman, tiger cat, tabby, birdGallery Edition
larger view
Hanging Mittens Out To Dry Gallery Edition Limited Ed. 5,000 7-¼" x 11-¼"
$65.00 SOLD OUT
ww2408 Angel, Wire Hair, Snowflake, Heart, Green Checker Board Trim, Rusted Tin Wings, Rusted Tin Heart, Heart, Stars, Stripes, bell
larger view
Holiday Heart, Large Scale Figure, 10" x 21"
$110.00 SOLD OUT

ww2363 Papa, Snowman, Wire Arms, Buttons
larger view
Papa 6" x 11"
$45.00 SOLD OUT
ww2364 Christmas, Mother snowman, Snowman, Wire Arms, Buttons, Star
larger view
Mama 5" x 11"
$40.00 SOLD OUT
ww2365 Christmas, Junior, Wire Arms, scarf, child snowman
larger view
Junior 4" x 8"
$35.00 SOLD OUT

Christmas 2003 Catalog
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