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The Christmas 2003 Williraye Studio Collection

ww2427 Santa, Red Coat Santa, White Coat Santa with Santa, Snowman, Snow Lady, Snow Lady with Snowmen, Angel,  Angel with Cat, Girl
larger view

Skiing Ornaments, Set of 6, Six Styles 4" X 5" Avg.

ww2420 Christmas, Candle, Stars, Bells, Striped Pants, Checkerboard Stocking, White Stocking Cap, Candy Cane, Checkerboard,checks, dots
larger view

Flying Santa/Snowman Ornaments, Two Styles 5-¾" x 4-½"
$26.00 SOLD OUT

ww2284 Christmas Tree, holiday ornaments, winter
larger view
Christmas Ornaments
set of Six
ww2421 Angel, Star, Bell, Santa in White Coat, Red Coat with Candle, Candy Cane, Angel with White Dress, Checkered, Stars, gingham checks
larger view
Holiday Favorites Ornaments, Set of 6 Six Styles 5-½" X 6" Avg.
$78.00 SOLD OUT

Christmas 2003 Catalog
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