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The Williraye Studio Everyday Collection

Everyday Spring 2003 Williraye Collection Patriotic Folkart Sculptures

ww1316 cart with girls and goat, wheels, cat, goose, flag, bluebirds, children, kids, star, bell, check, checks, checkered, whimsical, Williraye, caricature, americana
larger view
Williraye Watermelon Farm 16" x 9-½"
$90.00 SOLD OUT

ww1314 kids with ice cream cones and cats riding on cow, holstein, flag quilt, blanket, white cat, gray cat, stripes, start, pigtails check, checkered, checks, boy, girl, sailor, bluebirds, cow licking ice cream cone, blue bird on cat's tail, whimsical, Williraye, americanaGallery Edition
larger view
Blue Moon Express 16" x 13" Limited Edition of 5,000
ww1326 patriotic, uncle sam riding donkey holding flag and money sack, stars, stripes, beard, whimsical, Williraye, caricature, americana, top hat, stovepipe hat
larger view
Yankee Doodle Dandy 7" x 8"
ww1310 american flag girl holding flag on cow pull toy, proud, americana, wheels, check, checkered, holstein, flag, stripes, star, whimsical, Williraye, patriotic
larger view
Proud To Be An American 5-½" x 10-¼"
$35.00 SOLD OUT

Everyday 2003 Catalog
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