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The Williraye Studio Everyday Collection Spring 2003

ww1507 weathervane birdhouse, ladybug, watering can, cupula, black and white checks, ohio star, blue bird, heart, primitive heart, rusted tin, tin heart, picket fence, chimney, folk art, folk artww2745 girl on birdhouse holding bird, bluebird, thatched roof, duplex birdhouse, blue and tan check, polka dot slip, gold dots, navy blue, whimsy, whimsical, americana, farm, country, country style, rural, home spun, innocent
WW1507 - WW2745
Garden Angel 7-¾" x 18"
Little Girl Dreams 3-½" x 5-½"
WW4201, WW4202, WW4206, WW4203 bluebird, three story birdhousehouse, tri-level, American flag, weathervane, orange cat, striped, tabby, red brick, heart, trees, triangles, stars, goose, gooser, gooser house, checkered birdhouse, checkered birdhouse with goose, weathervane, flag, gold ball, star, thatch roof, cow
WW4201 - WW4202 - WW4206 - WW4203
High-Rise Birdhouse 2-¾" x 11-¾" (top left)
$30.00 SOLD OUT

Watch-Cat House 2-¾" x 11-½" (top right)
$30.00 SOLD OUT

Gooser House 3" x 7-½" (bottom left)
$25.00 SOLD OUT

Cow Jumped Over The Moon 4-¼" x 10" (bottom right)
$30.00 SOLD OUT

Everyday 2003 Catalog
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