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The Williraye Studio Everyday Collection Spring 2003

ww2719 lady with watering can and sunflower, rabbit, bluebird, watering can, bluebird on bonnet, star, check, orange striped cat, tabbt, checkerboard, folk art, primitive, farm, country, home spun
larger view
Sunflower Lady standing on flower (only), right figure
2-½" x 3-½" Approx.
Sunflower Lady with cat (only), middle figure

ww1429 sheep with goose riding on back pull toy, ohio star quilt, bluebird, heart, wheels, cart, checks, checker, checks, checkered quilt, checked quilt, blanket, americana, primitive, country, farm, country living, rural, home spun, innocent
larger view
Sheep Pull Toy 5" x 5-½"
$30.00 SOLD OUT
WW1315 and WW1502 americana girl holding flag riding orange tabby cat, girl with heart and carrots riding rabbit, striped tiger cat, stars, bluebirds, bluebird, heart, folk art, primitive humor, bunny, hare, polka dots, basket with carrots
larger view
Catland 9" x 13"
$65.00 SOLD OUT
Bunny Ride 9" x 12-½"
$65.00 SOLD OUT
ww2744 busy kids, girl and dog in canoe, bluebird, paddling, dog, bonnet, children, watering can, white striped cat, ladybug, sunflower, fisherman in yellow slicker holding fish
larger view
Play Time Pals, Set Of Four 2" x 3" Avg.
$48.00 SOLD OUT

Everyday 2003 Catalog
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