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The Williraye Studio Everyday Collection

Everyday Spring 2003 Williraye Collection Patriotic Folkart Sculptures

Gallery Editionww1325 uncle sam holding pig, flag, checkered, checks, striped flag, stove pipe hat, beard, pedestal, whimsical, Williraye, caricature, americana
larger view
As American As Apple Pie 5-½" x 17" Limited Edition of 5,000
ww1331 stars, bluebird, flag, beard, eagle, hat, stovepipe hat, tophat, whimsical, Williraye, caricature, americana, Old glory
larger view
Ceramic Uncle Sam Cookie Jar 7" x 13"
$45.00 SOLD OUT
ww1328 patriotic, pig, swine, boy, sailor, bluebird, quilt, drum, stars, checks, checkered, red white and blue, drum sticks, saddle blanket, whimsical, Williraye, caricature, americana
larger view
Ceramic Americana Piggy Bank 9" x 7-½"

Everyday 2003 Catalog
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