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The Williraye Studio Everyday Collection

Everyday Spring 2003 Williraye Collection

ww7504 girl and bunny riding egg cart pulled by geese, Easter, umbrella, rabbit, hare, goose, pigtails, checks, checkered, wheels, carrot, bluebird, whimsical, Williraye, caricature, americana, primitive
larger view
Sunday Drive 9-¼" x 8"
ww7501 boy holding egg and carrot riding bunny pull toy, wheels, whimsical, Williraye, caricature, americana, primitive, farm, country
larger view
Sunday Best 9-½" x 9"
$55.00 SOLD OUT
ww7502 girl holding basket of eggs riding chicken pull toy, wheels, flowers, chicken, rooster, bluebird, whimsical, Williraye, caricature, americana, primitive
larger view
Egg Hunt 6" x 7-½"
$33.00 SOLD OUT
ww7503 girl holding tulips and umbrella riding striped cat, bluebirds, bonnet, wheels, pull toy, parasol, whimsical, Williraye, caricature, americana, primitive
larger view
April Showers 10½" x 9-½"
$55.00 SOLD OUT
ww7508 decorated eggs, Easter, large, hand painted eggs, purple, lilac, flying geese, triangles, check, checkered, checks, stars, ohio star, green, flying geese, tan egg, eggshell, orange, sage, purple
larger view
Large Hand Painted Eggs, Set Of Six Assorted Eggs As shown 1-¾" x 2-¾"
$36.00 SOLD OUT
ww2749 and ww2750 Easter basket, chicken, cat, rabbit, hare, sunflower, hen, carrot, bluebird, check, checkered, checks, star quilt, bluebird, eggs, egg checkered border, whimsical, Williraye, americana, black, blue, green, gold, ohio star, whimsical, Williraye, caricature, primitive
WW2749 - WW2750
Baskets, Three Styles 4-¾" x 5-½"
Chicken, Bunny, Cat
$20.00 (Each) SOLD OUT
Small Hand Painted Eggs, Set Of Six As Shown 1-½" x 2"
$27.00 SOLD OUT

Everyday 2003 Catalog
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