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The Williraye Studio Everyday Collection

Everyday Spring 2003 Williraye Collection Patriotic Folkart Sculptures

Gallery Editionww1334 lady liberty holding flag, Old Glory, statue of liberty, america, beautiful, crown, torch, flag, bluebird, birdhouse, stars, stripes, pedestal, whimsical, Williraye, caricature, Americana, primitive, red white and blue
larger view
America The Beautiful 5-¼" x 16" Gallery Edition Limited Ed. 5000

ww8301m flag, music box, top hat, flag, stripes, stars, checkered, check, checks, sailor, sailor hat, whimsical, Williraye, bluebird, caricature, Americana, primitiveww8302m statue of liberty, music box, americana, tune, star, stripes, flag, torch, checks, checkered, check, crown, whimsical, Williraye, caricature, Americana, primitiveww8303m flag, music box, flag, stripes, stars, checkered, check, checks, sailor, sailor hat, whimsical, Williraye, caricature, Americana, plays, primitive
WW8301M - WW8302M - WW8303M

Uncle Sam - Revolving Musical, Plays: "Star Spangled Banner" 3-¾" x 6-½"

Lady Liberty - Revolving Musical Plays: "America The Beautiful" 3-¾" x 6"
Bugle Boy - Revolving Musical Plays: "God Bless America" 4" x 5-½"
$30.00 SOLD OUT
ww1312 girls riding horse, swayback, gray mare, kids, children, kids riding double, flag, kite, carrot motivation, fishing pole, quilt, stars, saddle blanket, pigtails, whimsical, Williraye, americana, primitive
larger view
Ride 'em Cowgirls 11-¾" x 8"
$50.00 SOLD OUT
ww1330 patriotic, soapbox racer, kids, dog, flags, pony tail, bluebird, stars, stripes, bonnet, wheels, girls, children, soapbox, bluebird,  whimsical, Williraye, caricature, americana, primitive
larger view
Star Spangled Derby 10" x 7-¼"
$35.00 SOLD OUT

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