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The Williraye Studio Everyday Collection Spring 2003

ww7203 wall hanging, bee, orange,, sunflower, girl, checks, checkered, garden, tulips, orange cat, tabby, bluebird, flowers, garden cart, wagon, rake, wheels, boy, girl ohio star
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"Welcome" "Welcome to our garden" "Welcome to my Garden"
Oval Stepping Stones/Wall Plaques Set Of Three 14" x 10-¼" Avg.
ww7204 girl holding sunflower, birdhouse, bee, tabby, orange cat, tulips, bluebird, orange and black check, black and white
larger view
"Love grows Here" "Peace Garden" "Welcome to my Garden"
Round Stepping Stones/Wall Plaques Set Of Three 11-¾" dia.
WW7205 diamond wall hanging, flowers, sunflower, girl, ladybug, orange cat, tulips, bluebirds, rabbit, flower pots, weathervane birdhouse, hare, white rabbit, rabbit ears, ears, bluebird, stars, quilt diamond quilt, sheep, basket of flowers, ewe, ram
larger view
"Flowers" "Welcome Friends" "Welcome" "Peace Garden"
Wall Plaques, Set Of Four 5-¾" x 5-¾"
$60.00 SOLD OUT

Everyday 2003 Catalog
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