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The Williraye Studio Everyday Collection Spring 2003

ww7202 bluebirds, cow, Holstein, heart, flying pig, star, flying, sheep, cat, goat, horse, weathervane, farm animals, garden markers
larger view
Farm Plant Stakes, Set Of Six 2" x 3" Avg.
$48.00 SOLD OUT
WW1517, WW1516, and WW1518 Fairy, angel, and bee garden sculpture, sunflower, sprinkling can, star, nail hair, spiked hair, spiked hair, afro, curly hair, wings, bucket, checks, checkered, check, carrot heart, hornet, bumblebee
WW1517 - WW1516 -WW1518
Garden Sculpture - Fairy 13" x 30"
$ 120.00 SOLD OUT
Garden Sculpture - Bee 13" x 30"
Garden Sculpture - Angel 13" x 30"
$120.00 SOLD OUT

Everyday 2003 Catalog
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