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The Williraye Studio Everyday Collection Spring 2003

Farm Animals and Pets

ww1509 girl with basket of eggs and corn cobs standing by cow, tan cat, teger cat, bluebird, smock, blue, checked, goose, geese, pocket, country
larger view
When The Cow Comes Home 12" x 9-½"
$85.00 SOLD OUT
ww1510 man with goat carrying girls holding flag, corn cobs, goat, goose, gray cat, goat, girls, kid, flag, billy goat
larger view
Goating Around 12-½" x 10-¼"
ww3010 girls riding on chicken, rooster, golden egg, eggs for sale, basket, checked, checkered, checks, bluebird, polkadots, hen, children, kids
larger view
Eggstradordinary Adventure (Retired) 13-¼" x 13"
Dedicated to daughters, Season and Saxony
$75.00 SOLD OUT
ww1311 americana girl eating ice cream cone with dog, bluebird, checkered, checks, check, checkered collar star, whimsical
larger view
The Stare Down 8-¼" x 6-½"
$35.00 SOLD OUT
ww1313 americana girl jumping rope between two cats, orange cat, tabby, tigercat, white cat, bluebirds, check, checks, checkered stars, gingham, whimsy
larger view
Best Buddies 8¼" x 6-¼"
$35.00 SOLD OUT
ww1501 woman with staff leading animals, rabbit, hare, chicken, bluebird, sheep, goose, goose, cat, orange cat, tabby, basket, checkered, scarf, polkadots
larger view
Farm Parade 6-½" x 8-¾"
$80.00 SOLD OUT

Everyday 2003 Catalog
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