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The Williraye Studio Everyday Collection Spring 2003

ww1511 girl riding bee holding sunflower pull toy, toy, rusted tin heart, wheels, black and white check, checkered, bonnet, flower pot, seeds packet, bunny, rabbit, carrots in basket, garden trowel, garden spade, stars, wheels, leggings, hare, pantaloons
WW1511 - WW1512
Quirky Queen Bee Pull Toy 7-¼" x 6-½"
$40.00 SOLD OUT

Ladybug, Ladybug Fly Away Pull Toy 9" x 7-¾" Avg.
$40.00 SOLD OUT

WW1508 ladybug and watering can, rusted tin, sprinkling can, bluebird, wings, halo
larger view
Garden Angel 7" x 5-½"
$20.00 SOLD OUT
WW1513, WW1514, and WW1515 girl riding goose holding basket, ponytail, stars, star, folk art, carrots in pockets, hare, rabbit, heart, flying girl holding ladybug, bonnet, home spun, Mary Poppins
WW1513 - WW1514 - WW1515
Gooser - Garden Finial 5-¾" x 12"
$ 40.00
Bunny - Garden Finial 5-½" x 12-¼"
$40.00 SOLD OUT

Ladybug - Garden Finial 6" x 10-¼"

Everyday 2003 Catalog
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