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2004 Catalog of the Williraye Collection

Think Spring … 2004 — Williraye Studio Catalog

ww9017 Reclining cat tea lights, white with squares, black with dots
larger view
Animal Tea Light Holders, Two Styles Tea Light Included 5" x 2-½ x 3-¼"
$ 16.00 Set SOLD OUT
ww7418 Adorable bunnies floating or standing with garden tools
larger view
Bunny Plant Stakes, 4 Styles, Resin, Hand Painted, 3-½" X ½" X 14" H
$40.00 Set
ww7417 Bunny rabbits float or stand with garden tools, sunflowers and baskets
larger view
Bunny Ornaments, 4 Styles, Resin, Hand Painted, 3" X 1" X 4-½" H
$ 36.00 Set

Spring 2004 Catalog
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