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The 2002 Williraye Collection Catalog
Halloween Pieces in the Christmas 2002 Catalog

ww6009 white striped cat, moon, broom, pumpkin
larger view
Zelda the Flying Witch 15" x 8-½" $35.00 SOLD OUT
ww6006, ww6007, ww6008, ww6010 black cat, stars, dog, bee, pumpkin, moon, riding, ladybug, costume, jack o' lantern, trick or treat, hat
larger view
Buzzing Around 4" x 6" $20.00 AVAILABLE IN RETIRED

Princess Tam-Tam 3-½" x 6-¼" $20.00 AVAILABLE IN RETIRED

My First Halloween 3-½" x 3-½" $13.00 SOLD OUT

Kitty Ballerina 3-½" x 2-½" $10.00 SOLD OUT

Christmas 2002 Catalog
Midyear 2002 Catalog
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