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Inside the Williraye Studio

Williraye Studio sits nestled upon 60 acres of picturesque farmland in east central Wisconsin. A beautifully restored turn on the century farmhouse, surrounded by stands of pine trees, natural ponds, quaint barns, and abundant wildlife, serve as canvas and palette for these talented artisans.

interior of the Wisconsin farmhouse of the Williraye StudioHaving both grown up in large urban settings, the couple decided to seek out a more relaxed life-style in the small town of Princeton, Wisconsin. They purchased the property that is now their home and studio, and Jeff began his first teaching assignment at Princeton High School. Bobbe opened a Folk Art and Antique store, It wasn't long before the demand for their stunning creations allowed Jeff to leave teaching, and focus on the studio and the farm.

In 1992 Bobbe and Jeff closed the "shop" after a featured article in Folk Magazine gave the couple national exposure…and a growing collector's base. The unique styling of their creations—a blend of American and French Folk Art, makes theirs some of the most sought after works of art at shows throughout the Midwest. It is a look that is both Contemporary and Classic—fresh, yet timeless.

dining room of the farmhouse of the Williraye StudioThe look of their pieces can only be attributed to their shared vision. As Bobbe puts it, "Jeff and I have the ability to think as one… from conceptualization to the finished piece."

They draw on their day-to-day experiences for their whimsical themes, with family, friends, and the farm serving as both inspiration and motivation. In essence, each piece is a reflection of their lives.

With their two daughters, Saxony and Season, they live a full and abundant life-hand crafted in loving partnership, adorned in subtle hues, blessed with humor, and rich with details.

All of the photographs and snapshots were shot on location at Williraye Studio & Farm (text and photos ©Coynes.com). These are not public places, they are a family's home… A visual record of a life-style filled with warmth, simplicity, and love. 'The End' of the Williraye Studio story | 1 | 2 | 3 |


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